Quilt Preparation and Pricing

Calculate the cost for professionally finishing your quilt. Learn how to get your quilt ready for longarm quilting so you end up with the best-looking results.

Quilt Preparation

  • Backing and batting should be 4" bigger on all sides. I say it a million times because it's very important!
  • Square your quilt. If your quilt deals with a lot of bias or has bias borders, I recommend doing a stay stitch (stitching 1/8" around the edge of the quilt.) And remember, bias borders and such can cause puckering throughout your quilt. Be careful.
  • No pins or basting. Please ensure any holding pins are not in the quilt, as I need all layers separate to load onto the machine, and it can damage the machine! No basting is needed.
  • Trim your threads. We don't want any varicose veins! To protect your quilt from unraveling, fold your quilt top with the seams on the inside.
  • Press, press, press! Both the top and the backing should be free of wrinkles. I will take care of any creases made from shipping.
  • Mark the top. If your quilt is directional, put a little safety pin at the top center of your quilt top.
  • Seam your backing with a half inch seam allowance and press to one side. This ensures Alex can baste your seam down so it does not switch sides.


$40 minimum

$.0225 per square inch (includes batting and thread)
Quilter's Dream 80/20 or Quilter's Dream 100% Cotton Batting
Example: 56 x 68 = 3,808 sq. inches
3,808 x $.02 = $85.68

$.021 per square inch (includes thread)
Have your own batting? No problem! If you want to supply batting, it must be 4" bigger on all sides like the backing.

Binding Services $.05 per linear inch - Fully Prepared and Pressed, Apply Front
$.10 per linear inch - Press and Apply Front
$.18 per linear inch - Make, Press, and Apply Front

Quilt Delivery and Pick-Up

You may drop your quilt off and pick it up at our location. Please call 715-829-3461 to schedule a time.

You may also ship your quilt and have it shipped back to you. All quilts are shipped using the least expensive option available from USPS Priority Mail (includes $50 insurance coverage). If you would like additional coverage or faster delivery, just let me know. The final invoice will have the exact shipping amount included. All invoices must be paid before shipment. Once your creation is prepped and ready to go, you will receive a tracking number.